About us


Our mission is to develop comprehensive and innovative projects in the technological sphere.


We want to become a leading technological company and an example in the province of Tarragona; that is our vision.


Our Core

Francesc Vidal
Roland Antony
Eneko Sarasola

How do we work?

We opt for team work and Agile methods as this allows us to obtain a general vision of the processes much more transparent and proximate to our clients. To do this, we apply “Design Thinking”, which allows us to generate innovative ideas focused on what the company and its users really need.

We empathise

We establish a relationship of complicity with the client to understand what their inquietudes are and to put ourselves in their shoes. This allows us to obtain comprehensive solutions answering their real needs.

We define it

We analyse and filter the entire information obtained during the previous phase, choosing what brings an added value to the project and this helps us achieving the proposed aims.

We work the idea

We look for ideas to answer the needs defined in an earlier stage. We work as a team in the brainstorming process in order to favour expansive thinking and achieve the most creative solutions.

We prototype it

We land the ideas to make them feasible. At this stage we adjust the ideas to reality to check its viability, identifying possible aspects to improve or change before the final result.

We test it

During the final phase we test the prototypes with our client. We make the final improvements on the project and we develop our idea until we achieve the desired result.